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Game Name : Perfect Dark
System : GameBoy
Date Added : 2005-05-11 09:18:40
Views : 19319

Gameshark Codes:

You'll unlock:
Cloaking Device
Hurricane Fists
All Guns in Solo mode

Infinite Falcon 2 Ammo

Infinite Health First Person View
012500d9 -- 012580d7

Spider Boss 1 Hit Kill!

Infinite Shotgun Ammo
010f52db -- 010f10db

Infinite 6-YYY Ammo

Transfer Pak Cheats
Use your Gameboy version of Perfect Dark to unlock four cheats on your N64
version of Perfect Dark. Use a Transfer Pak and download your information
from the Gameboy version to the N64 version. This will make four cheats

Infinite Ammo First Person

Infinite Health

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